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How to invest? Added by BLU+ Support Team 01:00AM - 09.06.2019

Go to Invest link, then select the investment package you want. Click button, enter the amount you want to calculate. After having the calculation result, press

What is Group Reward/Group Wallet? Added by BLU+ Support Team 03:48AM - 30.08.2019

Group Reward or Group Wallet is the reward the group receives.

Whenever a member of a group invests in a 1Week or 1Month package, the group will receive a reward of 1% of GroupPoints, respectively.

The Group Reward can be distributed to all members according to the percentage contributed, or used to buy team points, which helps the group to level up faster.

Only group owners have the right to decide this. However, the members should discuss together in the chat group, to give a unified opinion.

What is Group Chats? Added by BLU+ Support Team 04:04AM - 30.08.2019

Group Chats is a place to exchange among members in a group.

One person can join up to 2 groups, so that person can also join 2 group chats.

In group chats, you can chat, use emoticons, and special commands to check personal level, group rewards, show your profile, etc.